Alabama Repeater Council, Inc (ARC)David Baughn
AlaskaMel Bowns
Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA)Ralph Turk
Area Repeater Coordination Council of EPA/SNJ, Inc. (ARCC) Steven White
Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs (CCARC)Whit Brown
Hawaii State Repeater Advisory Council (HSRAC)J.P. Corrigan
Illinois Repeater Association (IRA)
Illinois Repeater Association, Inc. (IRA)***
Dick Isely
Indiana Repeater Council, Inc (IRC)
Indiana Repeater Council (IRC)***
Jay Jackson
Inland Amateur Coordination Council (IACC)Doug Rider
Iowa Repeater Council, Inc. (IRC)Dennis Crabb
Kansas Amateur Repeater Council (KARC)Rolland Cummings
Kansas Digital Coordination Committee (KDCC)
Kansas Digital Coordination Council (KDCC)***
Dab Babilla
Michigan Area Repeater Council (MARC)**Unknown
Minnesota Repeater Council (MRC)Jim Person
Missouri Repeater Council, Inc. (MRC)Wayland McKenzie
Montana Ken Kopp
Nebraska Frequency CoordinatorJohn Gebuhr
New England Spectrum Management Council (NESMC)(MA,ME,NH,RI) Kendell Chilton
New Mexico Frequency Coordinators Committee (NMFCC)
New Mexico Frequency Coordination Committee (NMFCC)***
Charles Raskob
North Dakota Frequency CoordinatorStanley Kittelson
Northeastern Illinois Packet Radio Frequency Council (NIPRFC)Carl Bergstedt
Northern Amateur Relay Council of California (NARCC)
N. Amateur Repeater Council of California (NARCC)***
Don Smith
Ohio Area Repeater Council (OARC)Ken Bird
Oregon Region Relay Council, Inc (ORRC)Carl DiPaolo
SouthEastern Repeater Association, Inc (SERA)Don Williams
Southern California Repeater & Remote Base Assoc (SCRRBA)William Kelsey
Southern Nevada Repeater Council (SNRC)*Chuck Young
Texas VHF-FM Society (TVHFS) Paul Gilbert
The Middle Atlantic FM & Repeater Council (T-MARC)
The Middle Atlantic FM & Repeater Council, Inc. (T-MARC)***
Owen Wormser
Two Meter Area Spectrum Mgt Assoc - CA (TASMA)Charles Bryant
220 MHz Spectrum Management Association of So. CA (220SMA)James Fortney
Upper New York Repeater Council (UNYREPCO)Robert Soltis
Upper Peninsula Amateur Radio Repeater Assoc (UPARRA)Noel A Beardsley
Utah VHF Society (UVHFS)**Unknown
Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council (WPRC)Dennis McElhaney
Western Washington Amateur Relay Association (WWARA)
Western Washington Amateur Relay Association, Inc. (WWARA)***
Mark McKibbin
Wisconsin Association of Packet Radio
Wisconson Packet Radio Council (WPRC)***
Joel Papke
Wisconsin Association of Repeaters (WAR)Nels Harvey
Wyoming (WCARC)  Don Breazile

Original published by:
Dave Shiplett, AC4MU
NFCC Treasurer
April 2, 1998
* Southern Nevada Repeater Council (SNRC) was added as Charter Member in July 1998 by general acceptance of NFCB when it was recognized that they had been left off of the list as an oversight.

Entity ACRONYMs added for clarity in September 1998.
Spelling corrections made in October 1998

** The Michigan Area Repeater Council (MARC) and Utah VHF Society (UVHFS) appeared on Membership List published by Dick Isely, NFCC President, on January 3, 1999. It is unknown when or how these entities joined.

*** Entity Name Change introduced on Membership List published by Dick Isely, NFCC President, on January 3, 1999.

Page last revised January 3, 1999